After considering the feedback gathered last week from Alexis, here is my refined project brief. To ensure that changes can still be made, point forms will be listed first before I can work more in detailed on them:


I will be answering the following questions:

What is this project about?

What is the underlying concept behind this project?

Purpose/Key Questions to Answer

  • Specifically, which filters used drive up engagement on Instagram? How are they different across different countries/cultures?
  • How are the visual characteristics of pictures differ across different users posting about different genres/issues?
  • How are the findings related to cognitive and aesthetics issues of data visualization?

Topics/theories that this project will touch on include: data mining, metadata, aesthetics of data visualization

Literature Review

To support the previous research questions, here are the following points to be researched on

  • Types of filters available in Instagram
  • What are the other kinds of editing tools/filters used for posts in Instagram?  e.g. VSCO cam
  • What are the filters most widely used across the world? Consider which area has the highest concentration of Instagram users.
  • Using a sample unit to analyze, find out the kinds of information that can be derived from this sample and figure out how collection and measurement of data can be done.
  • In relations to aesthetic issues, specifically colour hues, how is the use of different filters aid in the increased/decreased engagement level? How can this be deduced in data visualization?


(to answer the questions above)

Constructing the dataset

  • process of devising the sample set
  • including a sample data to analyze

References from other work

  • who else has done a project in the same segment?
  • engage the work of related artists (i.e. database narrative, Manovich’s work)

Proposed Interactive Webpage

Conceptualizing Process:

Taking reference from Metagramme (, I liked the idea of merging the various photos together to see an overall conceptualization of a certain idea based on individual photos posted.

From casual interviews conducted, it was revealed that users like to have a “consistent feed” – meaning the editing style and/or aesthetics of the gallery should remain constant. Refer to the following references of existing Instagrammers who are doing that: 

Bearing that in mind, my final project will be an interactive webpage for users to engage with. At the homepage, users will see the various photos categorized and arranged accordingly to their respective ‘genres’ and will be ‘moving’ taking into account the large amount of photos available.

Since the photos will most probably be in different editing styles considering the kind of ‘genres’ they belong to, when users zoom out to see the entire puzzle, they can see clearly the different visual characteristics.

I will like to include the ‘merge’ function found in the reference project shown. However, one major difference will be that pictures using the same filter will be grouped together and users can rearrange the various photos to create a short still image film. This allows individuals to unleash their creativity in terms

Task flow/User experience flow chart:


Theoretical lines of inquiry

  • discuss in relations to the digital humanities theories learnt
    • in terms of metadata (i.e. the information that can be used when creating a still image film with the photos of the same filter; consider the context)
    • in terms of data visualization (i.e. relational information, visualization display)
    • in terms of cognitive and aesthetics issues of data visualization (i.e. colour hues of filters that affect engagement level of photos?)



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