There’s only 2-3 weeks left before our final project and I am REALLY panicking on how I can execute my final project. Thought I will share my idea out to receive open feedback/criticisms or even (best) insights on how I can go about doing it.

I drew my initial plan on a piece of paper for further clarity:



Purpose/key questions to answer


  • How does Instagram shape photographic art, especially with the proliferation of smartphone photography (i.e. iphonegraphy)? How has it evolved?
  • How are the visual characteristics of pictures differ across different users posting about different genres/issues?
  • What is the potential of social impact with the use of Instagram?


Conceptualizing process

Taking reference from Metagramme (, I liked the idea of merging the various photos together to see an overall conceptualization of a certain idea based on individual photos posted.

From casual interviews conducted, it was revealed that users like to have a “consistent feed” – meaning the editing style and/or aesthetics of the gallery should remain constant. Refer to the following references of existing Instagrammers who are doing that: 

@orhganic from Singapore

Bearing that in mind, my final project will be an interactive webpage for users to engage with. At the homepage, users will see the various photos categorized and arranged accordingly to their respective ‘genres’ and will be ‘moving’ taking into account the large amount of photos available.

  • NTS: need to confirm if the categorization is done manually, or by the use of hashtags. Manual categorization if one user is selected to fill up the crossword art at one time; use of hashtags if it is random selection of top Instagrammers

Since the photos will most probably be in different editing styles considering the kind of ‘genres’ they belong to, when users zoom out to see the entire puzzle, they can see clearly the different visual characteristics.

I will like to include the ‘merge’ function found in the reference project shown. Similar to Metagramme, it is to see the overall conceptualization of a certain idea based on individual photos posted by merging the various photos together. However, one difference is that the merged pictures will form a pixel art – eventual image may be a picture that received the most likes/comments; but each pixel that makes this eventual picture is a different picture from the gallery. Refer to reference below:

To answer my research question, the other spaces available in the homepage-slash-overall-crossword, may be either dotted (to join plausible connections) or coloured to contain the ‘other’ pictures – showing the potential of using Instagram as a medium to highlight certain social issues.


Well, to end off, here is a logic flow chart of what I expect my webpage to be like:


The different colours highlight the different features explained above.

Please leave a comment either here or on Twitter @_hilarypang if you have any suggestions/critiques/questions! Appreciate them!



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