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DISCLAIMER: Absent-mindedness is my middle name. I completely forgot to copy-paste the entire question and answer list. I thought the email function at the end would mean IVLE will send me the compiled version of my completed assessment. I guess not.
Answers are based entirely on my memory. #NancyPleaseSpareMe

1. Can you describe this project in one sentence?
Quijote Interactivo is an interactive e-book that originated from Miguel de Cervantes’ cult 1605-1615 novel, Don Quixote.

2. What Sources is it Using?
It uses the original literature: El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha or as its translated version, The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, was written in 1605 (part I) and 1615 (part II) by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. Not only was the digital images in the copy scanned and inserted inside, the map embedded in the interactive book was sketched by the geographer D. Tomas Lopez and D. Joseph de Hermosilla. Maps, engravings, and other content have been taken from 43 diffent editions of the original book, and from a further 21 works, all belonging to the Biblioteca Nacional de Espana (BNE). 

3.Who built this?
The National Library of Spain , Telefonica, and Madpixel created this digital project

4. Does it have an argument?

With information coming directly from the original Spanish version of Don Quixote, the project also included descriptions, links and articles from other sources that may have influenced plot elements and literary conventions from the time the novel was written. With proper sorting out of the various locations mentioned in the text and matched up onto the map, and also with all of the historical sources with corresponding moments, readers are able to refer to the interactive book and have a multi faceted interpretation – as compared to the static reading of the original version. This is evident from the time the novel was first released and considered to be a comic novel until it became one of the world’s first modern literature. 

5.What kind of technology does it use?

It comes in the form of a mobile application that can be downloaded in Apple App Store or Google Play store. Also it is a web based interactive book that includes voice applications for the playing of music files embedded inside, interactive maps, assess videos and also the timeline. 

6. Why do you think the authors chose the format they did?

I think such a format allows the reader to go back to the book several times as reference, with the searching button, and zoom in zoom out functions. As a modern literature with multiple interpretations, all the processed information inside this web based project allows readers to help stay on the same pace of the plot, while also allowing them to search for more relevant information through the attached links. Readers are also able to share the book on their social media channels. Such an interactive project also increases the participation and engagement of the reader, providing a multi-sensory experience not just to the native speakers. 


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