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Data visualisation. As the term puts it, it is about presenting data in such a way that is not only in a more consumable form for individuals, it can possible be visually appealing as well. We consumers are exposed to multiple stimuli in a day, wih so many pieces of information being presented to us on a daily basis. For a health product manufacturer, how can they present their product characteristics in such a way that individuals can see and know for sure it surpass their competitors? I feel that packaging information is the most underrated piece right now when we can simply Google every information we need (eg. Online product reviews etc). 

With the proliferation of digital, what happened to reading off cereal packaging in the morning while eating breakfast? Ok side tracked for a bit. 

Aforementioned i presented data visualisation in light of mass consumers. I then came across this video which i thought is very pretty, and is worth sharing (spoiler alert: advertisement for Office 365)

Video –

Generating data sheets for presentation, finding meanings, significance and  relationships through the information – this was the everyday life of this man, David McCandless. 

“Raw data then comes alive when it finds structure” as he asserted in the video. 

I thought that was a very good statement to summarise what data visualisation is about – finding patterns or structure amongst the data collated and organise them in a way that will create meanings for readers. 


One thought on “Week 4 Weekly Post

  1. Great post! It’s nice to see data being used so creatively!

    I think there is something ironic and appropriate about data visualization finally being recognized as an art form, in that paintings and illustrations themselves have always fundamentally been about conveying subtext and forming relationships between two or more subjects sitting on the same canvas – as the saying goes: a picture tells a thousand words!

    What has changed is that the medium that data visualization uses can be explored in depth and elaborated upon. It is almost like a painting that can be entered and explored – the inside consisting of abstract, yet descriptive simulacra of online society.


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